Moozhikkulam sala Jaiva campus

Looking over the life giving waters of the Chalakkudy River, Moozhikkulam sala is situated near to the Sri Laxmana temple. It has a premise of 2.40 acres of area which consists of 22 Nalukkettus (traditional Kerala style building) and 29 single roomed buildings. The remarkable feature of these buildings is their eco-friendliness. The Jaiva campus is well protected

The Nallukettus are residential buildings with 3 bath attached rooms, kitchen, store room and sit-out. There is a centre space , called Nadumuttam in the building .Plenty of pure air and sunlight enter the house through the passage above. The nadumuttam is designed as to get ample space on its four sides so as to sit and take leisure. The spaces on the four sides are traditionally called thekkini (southern are), vadakkini (northern area), kizhakkini (eastern area) and padinjattini (western area). Besides them, there are sufficient windows and ventilations for the building.

The floors of the buildings are with baked mud tiles with an area of 1089 sq.ft. Each bedroom has a total area of 100 sq.ft. The single roomed buildings are with 230sq.ft.area for each house, having a bed room, kitchen and toilet. One or two persons can be accommodated there.


The Jaivacampus has special bathing ghats in the river. The visitors can take bath in the river and make short trips in boats. The beauty of sunset as well as the coolness of breeze can be enjoyed from here. Once in a week, cultural programmes like concerts, koodiyattom, mohiniyattom, bharathanatyam. Panchavadyam, chendamelam (paandi & panchari), traditional thiruvathira dance, kalamezhuthu (powder drawing of deities), mudiyattu, kathakali etc. are performed here.


Five nalukettus and 10single roomed house are available for accommodation. Each room of the nalukettu can accommodate two persons. This makes it possible for 30 persons to stay in 5 nalukettus altogether. A total number of ten persons can be accommodated in ten single roomed buildings. Each room is furnished with 2 cots, 2 beds, 2 bed sheets, 2 blankets, 2 pillows and one almirah. One among the three bathrooms has an Indian closet and the other two have European closets and all have all the other toilet facilities. There is a washbasin near to the nadumuttam and mats for taking rest. A hanging lamp, a ranthal (an old fashioned kerosene lamp) are there as a reserve for the night. There are mosquito nets in all bedrooms. Special bathing ghats are there in the Jaivacampus to take bath in the river. In order to get a close view of the enchanting river along with its green banks, cement benches are erected there in the campus, to sit and watch.

Site Seeing

The Athirapilly waterfall, Ezhattumukham prakriti village, Iringol kavu, Kallil temple, the cave temple at Chengamanad, the archeological sites of Musiris, Paliyam palace, FortKochi beach, the beach at Cherai are the charming tourist locations in and around.