Moozhikkulam Sala

Moozhikkulam sala is an organization which cherishes a dream for the contemporary as well as the future generations. It is the unity of a group of persons who are concerned about the mother earth, human beings, nature and all the other animate and inanimate things. It is like a music which breaks all the narrow domestic walls. Thousands of years ago, there existed a Moozhikkulam sala in this village with a vision of preserving culture and tradition. It was one among the four foremost universities of ancient Kerala. The Vedic knowledge of Sama was mainly imparted here. The novel Moozhikkulam sala venture aims at encouraging and maintaining eco-cultural friendly way of living while leading a life in the ultra modern age. The vision of the unity is the recapturing of a village university, making use of the ancient platform that history provides.

Moozhikkulam sala Jaiva campus

Looking over the life giving waters of the Chalakkudy River, Moozhikkulam sala is situated near to the Sri Laxmana temple. It has a premise of 2.40 acres of area which consists of 22 Nalukkettus (traditional Kerala style building) and 29 single roomed buildings. The remarkable feature of these buildings is their eco-friendliness. The Jaiva campus is well protected

The Nallukettus are residential buildings with 3 bath attached rooms, kitchen, store room and sit-out. There is a centre space , called Nadumuttam in the building .Plenty of pure air and sunlight enter the house through the passage above. The nadumuttam is designed as to get ample space on its four sides so as to sit and take leisure. The spaces on the four sides are traditionally called thekkini (southern are), vadakkini (northern area), kizhakkini (eastern area) and padinjattini (western area). Besides them, there are sufficient windows and ventilations for the building.

The floors of the buildings are with baked mud tiles with an area of 1089 sq.ft. Each bedroom has a total area of 100 sq.ft. The single roomed buildings are with 230sq.ft.area for each house, having a bed room, kitchen and toilet. One or two persons can be accommodated there.